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Since search engines generally only display about 160 characters for a page descriptions, any descriptions including characters which go above this limit will be truncated.

Although this isn’t the end of the world, a truncated page description can look unprofessional, and it may also mean that some of the page description which you carefully wrote to entice users to click on isn’t being displayed.

Both of these factors will most likely reduce the click-through rate to your website. For this reason, we always suggest keeping your page description length to within the limit.

Need help explaining this to your boss, or web developer?

Use our concise explanation below to explain this issue via email:

Hi Boss,

The meta descriptions on some of the pages of our website are too long. This means that some of the page descriptions will be cut of in the search result pages, which isn’t an ideal experience for people trying to find our website.

I have a list of all the pages which need fixing, and can rewrite these to be slightly shorter.

Once this is done, I’ll either fix the problem myself by editing our website, or send a list of the pages and new titles to our web developer.


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