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Page titles don’t technically have a “minimum length”, but taking into account that they are prominently displayed in the search engine results pages, it makes sense to make the most of them.

Take a look at the two page titles below. Which one makes you want to click more?

I’m sure you agree that the second example is much more enticing. An enticing page titles means it will (in most cases) get a higher click through rate (CTR) when it appears in the search engine result pages.

Need help explaining this to your boss, or web developer?

Use our concise explanation below to explain this issue via email:

Hi Boss,

The page titles on our website are a bit too short, and we could improve the number of people that click through to our website by lengthening them.

By adding a bit more content we may be able to entice more people to click on our website when they make a search, and not the competitors.

Adding extra words to the page titles can also help make the site appear for additional terms.

I’ll pull a list of all pages on our website that have page titles that are too short and rewrite them.

We can then either fix this ourselves, or send it to the web developer.


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