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Firstly, what does HTTPS mean?

Simply put, the the “s” at the end of the “http” part of a URL means that the website is secure. This is why you’ll often see https in the URL of a website that takes payments, such as eCommerce stores, but not on blogs that simply provide information.

However, it is always best to have a secure website, and sites that are secure tend to rank higher in the search engine.

For this reason, we recommend that everyone changes their website to HTTPs. This should be done as soon as possible if your site takes payment details or login details, and as soon as time allows if your site does neither of these.

Need help explaining this to your boss, or web developer?

Use our concise explanation below to explain this issue via email:

Hi Boss,

There are some pages on our website that are not HTTPs secure. It’s highly recommended that all websites are https secure if they are undertaking any type of eCommerce or collecting any customer data of any type.

I’m going to chat to our tech team or web developer and and for a quote to change our website to https.

This is also thought to have an affect on a sites search ranking, and its reasonably cheap to do this. We just need what’s called an SSL certificate, which can vary in price up to about $100 per year.


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